Saturday, 21 January 2012

Why you insult Ukraine?

Ukraine Chicken beat shit out of Wale chicken anyday

One day I go small island UK and live in big house Kensington Village house SW7 so I learn English. I read blog by man in Wale. I like blog by Man in Wale, he keep chicken and pig like me. He nice man so why insult Ukraine? He take piss all time. He say his sheds for chicken look like village Ukraine. I mad so I write letter to him:


I Vladimir from Ukraine.

Why you compare small, small farm in tiny country with village in Ukraine? You been Ukraine? You ever come her, drink Slavutych (won gold medals, you won gold medals?) you seen Ukrainian chicken? You visit Ukrainian farm? We Ukraine, we say bad thing Wale farm? Why say bad thing Ukraine?

I spit on your chicken, Ptooh!!

You name place. I bring Ukrainian chicken, he kick shit out your chicken

Then I give Salvutych and we drink. In morning you stop nasty about Ukraine. Ukraine much bigger than Wale, Gregoriev say Wale men only Irish men who no swim. All Ukranian man swim, I show you when I bring chicken. When my chicken kill your chicken we swim Ireland, drink Irish Salvutych and swim back. Then I show you how build real house for chicken.

I read your blog, I think you nice man but stupid, You do work for woman, feed animal. You need Babushka. Mebbe I bring Babushka for you, no? She good. Beat her in morning she work hard and sleep with chicken when snow come and fry kovbasa in morning for you made from pigs you kill. All Ukrainian man like kill pig. If you no like kill, Babushka do it.

Do pobachennya

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John Gray said...

You may find this upsetting but I "no do" babuska.....
do you have homosexuals in the Ukraine or did Stalin shoot them all?
I would be interested to know!

your welsh friend